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PRSSA Executive Chapter Board Job Descriptions

 Chapter President

1. Motivate executive board and members through his or her enthusiastic attitude towards PRSSA.

2. Preside at all membership and executive board meetings.Chapter activities.

 3. Delegate responsibilities of officers and committees.

4. Direct overall operations of Chapter.

5. Recommend and establish goals and objectives for the Chapter with the approval of the membership, faculty and Professional Advisors.

6. Assist the treasurer in collecting annual dues and assume responsibility for providing accurate information on the accompanying dues form to be forwarded to PRSSA National Headquarters on November 1 and again on March 1.

7. Stay in contact with the PRSSA National Committee.

8. Help direct and organize major events held by our Chapter

9. Prepare Agendas and have them sent out before meetings to other officers to review and add additional information. 

Vice President

1. Motivate members through his or her enthusiastic attitude towards PRSSA.

2. Perform all duties of the Chapter President if the president is absent or unable to perform his or her duties.

 3. Assist the president in coordinating and directing committee activities and Chapter operations.

4. Perform duties as may be delegated by the president.

5. Serve as a counselor to the president by recommending goals, objectives, programs, etc.

6. Coordinate and disseminate information about PRSA New Professionals and Associate Membership for graduating PRSSA members.

7. Research and book speakers for chapter meetings.  Also coordinate other professional development sessions including resume enhancement sessions, panel of speakers, tours to agencies, etc. 

 Director of Internal Communications

 1. Motivate members through his or her enthusiastic attitude towards PRSSA.

 2. Record the minutes of all executive board meetings, general membership meetings and handle the appropriate distribution of these minutes.

3. Maintain a record of Chapter members, including a permanent home address and school address of each member.

4. Serve as keeper of the Chapter’s charter and other permanent documents, including the Chapter Handbook. 6. Notify PRSSA Headquarters and sponsoring PRSA Chapters of changes in Chapter officers or advisors.

5. Handle all Chapter correspondence.  (List serv announcements etc.) 


1. Motivate members through his or her enthusiastic attitude towards PRSSA.

2. Work with the Chapter President in preparing the annual budget.

3. Collect Chapter and national dues at the times specified in the PRSSA National and Chapter Bylaws and, with the assistance of the president completely and accurately prepare the PRSSA dues form that accompanies national dues when they are forwarded to PRSSA Headquarters.

 4. Provide financial reports periodically to the Chapter membership.

5. Collect fees for any Chapter special events and fundraisers.

 6. Disburse Chapter funds with proper approval.

 7. Provide safekeeping for all Chapter funds and keep accurate financial records.  

Director of Public Relations

1. Motivate members through his or her enthusiastic attitude towards PRSSA.

2. Maintain and update PRSSA Facebook group and any other social networking site with meeting dates/times, events, links, etc.

 3. Produce or oversee the Chapter Web site.

4. Produce or oversee Chapter news on the national Web site

5. Post announcements for Chapter meetings throughout campus.

6. Coordinate press releases, feature articles, advertising and brochures relating to the Chapter.

7. Handle all campus and area press issues.

 8. Help promote recruitment and retention with slide/tape presentations, brochures, fliers and other appropriate aids. 


1. Motivate members through his or her enthusiastic attitude towards PRSSA.

2. Maintain and record history of Chapter for accurate record keeping from year to year.  

3. Coordinate photography for the Chapter, the Chapter’s scrapbook and press releases.


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Spring 2008 Meetings

February 13– PR for Publications Panel

February 27– PRSSA Meeting— Member dues are due

March 19– PRSSA Meeting

March 29– Rockstock

April 2– PRSSA 2008-2009 Officer Elections

April 16– End of the Year Social

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The first Rockstock planning is underway! Beerworks is signed on to be our presenting sponsor and will host the official after party! If you have a Rockstock ticket, you will get in free to the party. City Paper, Redbull, Millerlight and Takeout Sweaters are also sponsors. The event will be on March 29 at the Visitors Center Bus Shed from 7-11. The bands include After August, Overstood and Valkyrie. This is going to be an amazing event in support of Mima Music.  If you are not involved yet, it is not too late! Also, check out our new Rockstock Website and join the event on Facebook. Please start spreading the word to all of your friends!

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Optional Holiday Social

We are having an optional holiday social Wednesday December 5 at 5:30. We hope everyone can make it! If not, good luck with finals and have a wonderful break. See you next semester where we will be gearing up for the music festival!

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Many of you are searching for internships for the Spring or the Summer. Take advantage of our resources!

PRSSA’s Job Center.

College of Charleston’s Cistern Online.

Good luck!

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Committee Head Contact Info

PRSSA Spring Music Festival Committees and Contacts
Sponsorship Committee:
– research sponsor
-compile data sheet on sponsors
-create sponsorship packet
-pitch ideas to possible sponsors
Jackie Kollmar (973) 985-7979
Emily Peck (678) 360-5125

Marketing Committee:
-Making flyers
-create design promotional materials
-market ticket sales
-sell tickets (everyone will help with this)
Celena Skidmore 865-742-4925
Amanda Dunne-Porter 732-995-3687

PR/ Media Relations:
-create Press Releases
-pitching to media
-media alerts
-Media Press Kits
-Make up band bios
-Press Releases for bands
Laura Harwood 202-262-1060
Genevieve DiLeonardo  215-964-3853
Finance/ Budget:
-create budget
-keep receipts
-make up committee spending sheets
Shannon Kollmar (201) 638-6403
Artist Talent:
-research bands
-stage directors
-collect CDs from band for try-out
Emily Coleman (864) 884-5698
Susan Kamenar (864) 884-5698

Vendors/ Venue:
-Find and book venue
-vendor relations
-monitoring venue so that things go smoothly
-find out what legal issues might occur and what we need to do to take care of these issues.
-Design event layout (at venue)
Katie Lynch:  (774) 368-0688
Stephanie Perna (716) 574-6510

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Rockstock Committees

The committees are listed below. If you missed the meetings last week, contact one of the officers to be placed on a committee. We will be meeting with our committees for a short time on Wednesday at the meeting!

PR/Media Relations:
Kelly Kuo, _kkuo@edisto.cofc.edu_
Carey Johnson, _cjohnson3@edisto_
Rivata Letzer, _rletzer@edisto_
Katherine Sutton, _kmsutton@edisto_
Courtney Cochran, _clcochra@edisto_

Amandalynn Jones _amandalynj@gmail.com_
Candice Summers, _cfsummer@edisto_
Emilie Halliday, _erhallid@edisto_
Lauren Hatch, _lehatch@edisto_
Mary Catherine Kennedy, _mckennedy@edisto_

Vendors, Venue:

Melisa Kavanagh, _makavana@edisto_
Eddie Moye, _ejmoye@edisto_
Alexis Neustatter, _amneusta@edisto_
Stephanie Abraham, _saabraha@edisto_


Kayla Parker, _klparker@edisto_
Kelly Hillyer, _khillyer@edisto_
Lauren Greene, _lggreene@edisto_
Olivia Gossett, _ogossett@edisto_

Artist, Talent:

Carly Reiner, _creiner@edist_
Catherine Butler, _catn87@aol.com_
Erika Shaub, _rika9787@gmail.com_
Lauren Shoefstall, _lashoef@yahoo.com_

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